While we try to ensure our Safari Tanks are free of manufacturing trimmings when they leave the factory, shipping restraints mean that we can’t physically flush the tanks before delivery.

Please rinse your new tank with a small amount of petrol before you fit it to the bike – pour in around 500ml, swirl the fuel around by rolling the tank, then discard the fuel into a suitable container by inverting the tank. We use quality brass inserts to accept screws into the tank.

These are held in place by the plastic, and therefore can be damaged through over-tightening. Use an anti-seize compound or grease on the thread of all screws and bolts.


If extra securing is needed, we recommend drilling small holes into the heads of the bolts and screws and tying them off using lock-wire – typically done for long desert trips and competition. Always position the fuel lines so they run neatly and do not protrude or kink – this sometimes means looping the lines in a wide arc instead of going for the short option. All fuel tanks move relative to the motorcycle frame, so allow for play in the lines.

Check that lines can’t run against any sharp edges. Clamp all lines to the fittings, and check for leaks once the tank is fitted and filled.