One of our customers, Gavin, in the workshop, fitted a DR650 Safari tank to his bike. Gavin had a Corbin seat with him, so we now have the low-down on whether or not they fit with our 30-litre tank.

The short answer is yes, they do, but not without some minor dialling. And potential Corbin customers should be aware that they need the Corbin seat that fits the orginal tank, not the IMS version.

The first step is to remove the steel mounting tab from under the front of the seat. The mount hits the locating tab on the tank, stopping it from seating properly, and the base is rigid enough for it to be discarded without any ill effects.

Next, remove the stock rear seat mounts from the stock seat and loosely mount them to the Corbin seat. Do not put the Corbin spacers under the mounts, instead put them on top of the mounts as shown in the picture - this stops the bolts protruding too far into the seat. Slide the seat onto the bike and note how far out the mount holes are to the mounting points on the frame - usually about 5mm. Remove the seat and take the mounts back off.

Head to the vice, and gently bend the mounts so that the holes are moved forward. This will twist the mounts, so you will need to twist them back to line them up correctly. Don't tap the mounts too far; you want a nice, snug fit. Refit the mounts, check the hole alignment, then bolt the seat into place.

As you can see by the photos, the Corbin fits very nicely against the Safari tank, and feels comfy too!

The seats fits up nice and snug. Remove the front mount.  Put the spacers between the bolt heads and the mount.