Andrea-150The Safari Tanks and Touratech team have just returned from a seven day ride around beautiful Tasmania.

Six riders covered over 2200 kilometres on the seven day ride, which went clockwise around the Apple Isle, taking in St. Helens, Hobart, Bronte Park, Queenstown, Strahan, Stanley and Devonport.

The ride included a trip along the beautiful Discovery Road, and riders encountered just about every type of weather, from fine and sunny conditions, to heavy rain and snow.

The photos below give a great overview of the ride, and highlight what a fantastic place Tasmania is for riding motorbikes.


img_2829 img_2945
img_2787 img_2804
img_3191 queenstown3
img_3047 scottspeakdam3
img_3222 img_3249
img_3248 img_2874
queenstown2 img_2833
img_3288 img_3250
nearcradlemt1 warrenlucas
scotts peak dam nearcradlemt
scottspeakdam2 discoveryroad
img_2808 queenstown
savageriver img_2822
low head gordandam
img_2692 img_3225
nearlakepedder img_2749
img_2908 queenstown4